Metal Manufacturers & Exporters in India

MTEK Sourcing has over a decade of experience in sourcing materials such as metal components and assemblies via various manufacturing processes.


Our manufacturing partners are equipped with required certifications & are tried & tested to produce precision injection molded parts/insert molding/overmoulding of rubber on plastics/machining

We work with easily machined materials like Stainless Steel/Aluminium/Brass/Copper to more exotic materials like Graphite/Inconel etc.

We are experienced to manufacture components ranging up-to 1.2M. A wide range of heat treatment or surface treatment process can be carried out and test certificates are shared along with basic documents like Inspection reports, Certificate of Conformity & Material test report.

Our manufacturers are also capable of preparing & submitting quality documents like

  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Cp/CPk Studies
  • Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing (GD&T)

MTEK believes in providing value to the customer and our extensive experience in machined components will ensure good savings and ease of doing business with us.

VMC milling process

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With over a decade of experience working with different casting manufacturers, MTEK provides high quality cast components from some of the top Indian manufacturers.

We work with casting processes like:

Pressure Die Casting:

The Pressure die casting process can be distinguished into:

  • High Pressure Die casting
  • Low Pressure Die casting
  • Gravity Die Casting

Our manufacturers are equipped with producing quality cast components using a range of materials along with in-house facilities for post processing like CNC machining and various surface treatment/finishing.

Head of internal combustion engine

MTEK works with wide range of certified manufacturers with minimum as ISO9001:2015. However, most manufacturers are IATF16949 certified with good experience in supporting export markets. MTEK also supports our client with mold flow analysis in order to validate the design from manufacturing point of view. In terms of quality, PPAP Level 3 documentation is standard, however higher level PPAP can be requested for critical applications.

MTEK core competence is to work with client from prototype stage and we help our clients grow by ensuring Zero defect parts and managing the whole supply chain process from prototype to bulk production in shortest lead times possible.

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Investment Casting:

MTEK has joined hands with country’s best precision Investment casting foundries to manufacture high quality investment cast components. As one of the preferred process for complex Stainless-steel parts with thin wall sections/undercuts, this process ensures dimensional accuracy with minimal machining.

All our suppliers are recognized to ISO9001:2015 and selected ones have IATF16949, ISO13485 & AS9100 certifications with years of experience in export market.

Motercycle cover crankcase made by aluminium high pressure

We offer varied secondary operations post casting and machining as per requirements. PPAP quality documentation is maintained for all parts as standard.

With a wide range of production capabilities, MTEK ensures to select the right supplier for your product.

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Sand Casting:

Using a range of ferrous & non-ferrous materials, MTEK specializes in producing high-quality sand-cast components with our manufacturing partners. Using CO2 or Shell moulding process, a range of cast parts can be produced:

  • 1. Few grams up to several Kgs
  • 2. Prototype/Low volumes up to mass production
  • 3. Simple parts to complex designs

All our manufacturing partners have in-house CNC machining in order to deliver parts as per your drawing. Various testing can be done and is recorded/shared with the customer to ensure dimensional/mechanical accuracy.

Low Pressure sand mold casting parts

We are equipped to handle all your casting components needs.
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MTEK specializes in manufacturing high precision Hot & Cold forged parts for materials like Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Brass and various Steel alloys. Forged parts achieve greater strength compared to other process and is preferred for high volume production. MTEK ensures high quality tools are manufactured and our qualified engineers periodically check the status of tools.

Our manufacturing parts have CNC machining setup & heat /surface treatment setup in-house for post processing.Various metallurgica & mechanical testing can also be carried out depending on requirements.

There are 4 types of forging process such as:

  • Open Die Forging
  • Closed Die Forging
  • Cold Forging
  • Seamless rolled ring Forging

With Open die forging, larger parts with open tolerances and lower volumes are suitable whereas closed die forging are most suitable for high volume complex part production with tight tolerances. Cold forging offers high dimensional stability with excellent surface finish. Several heat treatment processes can be carried out post forging process like annealing, normalizing, quenching etc

Hot iron in smeltery

MTEK Sourcing, a leading forging manufacturers in India, ensures that the parts delivered is 100% dimensionally accurate and aesthetically similar or better to the master samples provided. We deliver the parts/assemblies on-time with all required dimensional and test reports each time every time.

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Sheet Metal and Fabrication

MTEK Sourcing's capability to manufacture light, medium and heavy parts/structures with good quality control ensures customer’s requirements are fulfilled to their utmost satisfaction. We work with wide range of materials like Aluminium, Brass, Steel Alloys, Mild/Stainless Steel, Copper etc., which is what makes us one of the top sheet metal manufacturers in India.

Our manufacturing partners have excellent in-house facilities for processes like

MTEK Sourcing’s works with manufacturing partners with excellent infrastructure in terms of types and quality of machinery, Lean manufacturing layout and Quality Control. The manufacturing machinery includes Power/Hydraulic press, CNC press brake, CNC Turret Punch etc. We also offer Deep drawn parts with very high tolerances.

The Welding capabilities are second to none. With required certifications and registrations, our partners can weld the components with excellent finishing.

Our capabilities include,

  • MIG Welding
  • Laser Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • ARC Welding
  • CO2 Welding
  • Spot and Projection Welding

MTEK Sourcing's sheet metal manufacturing partners boast excellent finishing requirement. Most manufacturers have in-house Powder coating plant. Other surface treatment facilities are carried out at 3rd party location which are usually very close to manufacturer premises.

Punched metal parts
We also offer:
  • Zinc Plating
  • Painting
  • Shot blasting etc
  • Nickel Plating
  • Linishing
  • ED Coating
  • Sand blasting

MTEK offers fabricated parts but can also do complete assemblies (riveting, press fit etc) and testing as per customer requirement.

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MTEK Sourcing is also one of the top stamping manufacturers in India that offers quality products using precision metal stamping and forming process. Our manufacturing partners are equipped with in-house tooling to ensure low cost & lead times along with better quality control. Our manufacturing partners are at-least ISO9001:2015 certified along with IATF16949:2016. However, we cater to prototype/low volume production as well.

With many years of experience, we excel is producing high quality finished parts and assemblies using:

  • Progressive Stamping
  • Deep Drawn Stamping
  • low drilling

Stamped parts can be manufactured using various materials like Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloys, Steel alloys, Copper, Brass, and various others.

Our manufacturers offer various 3rd party finishing services like:

  • Anodizing
  • Passivation
  • Heat treatment
  • Annealing
  • Plating (Zinc, Chrome, Cadmium, Tin etc.)
Metal Parts

Various testing can be performed to ensure product strength and resistance – E.g., Salt Spray testing..

MTEK ensures globally competitive pricing with shortest possible lead times for your stamping requirements.
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Metal Injection Moulding

Metal Injection moulding (MIM) process might be new to few but is an effective solution for complex parts with complex geometrical structure. MTEK Sourcing has partnered with some of the best injection moulding manufacturers to produce precision parts using this process.

MIM process can be divided into 4 main processes:

  • Compounding
  • Moulding
  • De-binding
  • Sintering

The MIM process is followed by secondary in-house operations. We work with various Steel grades like Stainless Steel, Low alloy Steel, Case hardened Steel and Special Steel.

MIM is preferred manufacturing process

  • If the product weight is less (Minimum 0.1 gram)
  • Has complex geometrical structure
  • Has close tolerances with tight surface finish requirements
  • Has thin wall thickness (Min 0.3mm)
  • Requires high volume production
Metal Injection molding parts

Along with above benefits, the lead times can be as low as 4 weeks to complete tooling and manufacturing. We have catered to various industries like Medical, Defense, Aerospace, General Engineering among others.

With our highly qualified engineers and inspectors, MTEK Sourcing can guarantee your metal moulding products delivered with zero defect and on-time.
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MTEK Sourcing provides quality Aluminium extrusion products with complex cross sections for varied industries. Our aluminium extrusion manufacturing partners are certified to a minimum of ISO9001:2015 with excellent in-house quality control for extrusion manufacturing along with secondary operations like CNC machining and various surface treatments like anodizing, painting, Powder coating as per specifications.

MTEK can manufacture various types of cross sections like:

  • Architectural Sections
  • Drawn Sections
  • HVAC Sections
  • Pneumatic Sections
  • Cryogenic Sections
  • Heat Sink Sections
  • Motor body Sections

Blue Aluminium profile

With years of experience in sourcing extrusions from best quality aluminium extrusion manufacturers, MTEK ensures supply of parts as per your drawing specification, delivered in-time.
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